Super Supervisors

Getting your team to where you need them to be…

Whether you are stepping in to lead an already existing team, or you have the luck of building it yourself, the work of a supervisor is constant and complex. In the world of non-profits and tight budgets, it’s likely your team is not the only thing you are managing. You have your boss’s expectations, your organizations related strategy, possibly volunteers, and relations with other teams. All told, it could be a lot.

The trouble is, being a good supervisor is tough and there isn’t always professional development options inside your organization to learn how to manage people in a workplace, or at least, not to the degree with which you are satisfied. Building up your skill set will have some growing pains, but it will also lead you to be more effective as a leader.

Make a list of Super Supervisor Skills. Here’s ours:

  • treat their staff with respect

  • build trust by following through on their promises…and deadlines

  • factor in staff input when making processes and strategic decisions

  • give honest feedback, even when it’s uncomfortable

  • value their staff and show it

  • maintain relationships between their team and others

  • make time for their team’s professional development

  • support their staff over hurdles by listening, helping them set a plan, and following up

  • promote their team’s accomplishments, giving credit where credit is due

Reflect on your role as a supervisor and set some goals over the next few months to improve your skills. Set three tasks for yourself. One - to learn more about the skill you want to improve. Two - implement that skill consistently with your team. Three - Reflect on how this affected your team. Adjust as needed and continue to grow as a supervisor.