Staff Coaching

You don’t want to hire the right person, only for them to flounder and under perform because training them in their position is the last thing you have time for.

You just promoted a staff member to the leader of their team, and they are struggling. You are not looking forward to another restructure.

Lucky for you, Stacie can save the day. After working full-time in 5 different Girl Scout councils, consulting in more, and holding about every staff or volunteer position there is to hold, one of Stacie's superpowers is knowing how to get work done and coaching a people to do the same. 

She can train staff in multiple areas, offer assessments of performance, and coach them to be the staff member you know they can be. She does it all. From department specific instruction to mentorship in soft skills like time management, team leadership, and presentations, Stacie can provide the key to their performance.


Coaching available for:

  • Program/Girl Experience

  • Camp Management

  • Communications, Brand, and Graphic Design

  • Grants Management and Proposal Writing

  • Troop Support/Customer Care

  • Volunteer Support and Training

  • Strategy Development

  • Training Development

  • Program Development

Estimated Pricing for Coaching & Coverage:

negotiated hourly rate