Become an Event Pro

Event planning can take a lot out of you. So many logistics… so little time…
Lucky for you, free resources abound!

Here, the Stacie Simpson Consulting team has curated some prime event helpers, tools we hopes will smooth out some rough spots in your event planning, and help you plan your best event yet!

The #1 Strategy to Max Out Events - Free Video Training

You’re planning an amazing event. We know that, but does everyone else? Your registration numbers need a little help. We know just the thing. Watch this 20 min video training, The #1 Strategy to Max Out Events. This free training was recorded by Stacie for people looking to turn their registration around. We even have a notes sheet to help you get the most out of this free training.

Stacie shares:

  • The #1 reason events that should be filling to capacity aren't

  • Why people decide not to register for your event

  • How to leverage this one change to boost your registration numbers

  • An example of exactly how Stacie implements this strategy for her events

If you’re responsible for planning an event anytime in the next year, you’ll want to know these tactics to securing your largest crowd yet.
Even if registration is already open for your event, implementing this approach now will boost your numbers, for sure. 

The Get-It-Together Planner

Keep everything about your event in one place. Start your binder, folders, or file system with this 1-page event planner. Get all the crucial information in one spot. Take it to your next committee meeting for their event planning session, or fill it out for your own next project. It covers all the information you’ll need to know, and the information everyone you want to join you needs.

In this free download, page 1 includes instructions and examples, and page 2 is a blank worksheet for you to work through.

The Get-It-Together Planner pairs perfectly with the “Must Know” Audio Lesson.


“Must Know” Audio Lesson

If you’re struggling (or have struggled in the past) with where to start on event planning, we hear you! Now hear Stacie share with you how to get everything in order. In this audio recording, Stacie walks you through what you “must know” - the key information you need to have in place before you start promoting your event.

This system will save you time and frustration. Once you have this information lined up, you can be confident moving forward and answering the questions of potential attendees. This system works great for individual event planners and for committees tasked with an event.

The “Must Know” Audio Lesson pairs perfectly with the Get-It-Together Planner resource download.