Large Group Sessions

Meeting/ Exceeding Parents’ Expectations

An introductory session for college-age non-parent staff to begin understanding the needs and desires of parents, both for the parents and for their children.


  • guided discussion

Research Review

For camps that have data from past summers’ camper or parent surveys, or agency-level participation data, review data results and participate in guided discussion about impact and potential improvements.


  • pre-session data review
  • presentation results
  • reflection/discussion

For Girl Scout camps: Includes to nationwide GSUSA data, when applicable.

Understanding & Using the Three Processes

(for Girl Scout camps)

Explore the concepts of girl-led, learning-by-doing, and cooperative learning. Based on GSUSA’s training curriculum.


  • lecture
  • hands-on application
  • reflection/discussion

GSLE Basics






(for Girl Scout camps)

An introductory session for new program staff, featuring an overview of three leadership keys (Discover, Connect, Take Action), three processes (girl-led, learning by doing, cooperative learning), outcomes, mission, Journeys, badges, and the importance of outdoor experiences.


  • lecture
  • hands-on application
  • reflection/discussion

Small Group or 1:1 Coaching

Brand/Marketing Coaching

Designed as a small-group experience for seasonal admin or business managers, this custom session gives tools necessary to create newsletters and promotional materials, manage social media accounts, and take useful photographs.


  • overview/discussion of current methods
  • assessing gaps
  • establishing action steps for improvement

For Girl Scout camps: Instruction/discussion on basic GSUSA brand expectations (fonts, colors, servicemark).

Grant Program Implementation

Designed for seasonal staff leading programs that require meeting grant expectations and reporting results, this session provides total understanding of grant requirements that must be met, next steps for implementation, and ensuring success in final reporting.


  • pre-session expert review of grant documentation
  • discussion of current processes
  • assessment of gaps
  • tools/templates for record-keeping/reporting

New Director Coaching

A customized coaching schedule for new/seasonal directors, assistant directors, or program directors. Regular check-ins and flexible support. Encouragement and tough love, as needed.

Sessions for Seasonal Supervisors

Basic Supervision Skills

Leading evaluations and coaching sessions

Setting Goals for your Summer (and your team)

Understanding ACA and Accreditation

This is an introduction/general knowledge session, and is not an official ACA training.

Risk Management Basics

(for Girl Scout camps)

Safety Activity Checkpoints, Risk Management for Girl Scout councils, ACA Accreditation [if applicable]

Totally Customized Sessions

The best training sessions are those that are totally customized to the needs of the camp and staff.

Let’s chat and decide what works best.