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Planning Awesome Events Webinar Training


Does this sound familiar… ?

You have an idea for your event theme.
You carefully select the date and time, secure the location, determine how much it will cost…
You might even figure out a registration or RSVP process to get an idea of how many people are planning to attend, or you might just hope for the best, with no registration required.
You either make a flyer with all the info or put the info into a Facebook event page, and put it out into the world with a sense of relief that you have all the logistic under control.


And then… crickets.
Registrations aren’t rolling in the way you expected.

And you think to yourself: *But this is a quality event - they will love it!*

That’s probably true.
The event is probably really good!
Maybe it is…
Wait, is it?

If no one shows up, then you’ll never know.
But there’s a better way to tackle event planning: With my Awesome Event Checklist system that takes you through every step of the planning process, from developing your initial idea, all the way through after-event clean-up.

Even if you’ve planned events for 20 years, checking your work against the Awesome Event Checklist will ensure you’re not missing any of the critical steps to success. Especially if you’re new to program planning or event management, this training is a must-attend to get all the basics covered in one place.

In the 1-hour Planning Awesome Events webinar training, we'll explore the four phases of event planning and management:

  • designing your event

  • filling to capacity

  • implementing for 5-star results

  • critical follow-up

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After this webinar, you will...

  • Know how to identify and avoid the primary barriers to a successful event

  • Understand the 4 phases of event management, and the basic steps to complete in each

  • Have an event planning checklist to start utilizing right away

  • Be confident in starting your own event planning project


The webinar will be presented via Zoom webinar technology. There’s nothing special to download and it’s super easy for you to participate. You don’t need a special account or password.

Once you register, you’ll receive an email confirmation with a personal link to login.

Video and sound should both be available on the device you use to login (computer, tablet, or phone). If you prefer to listen to audio via phone call, there’s a number and code to use for that, too.


There are several webinar sessions to choose from, to ensure you can tune in live and participate in the Q&A. Check the training calendar for all dates.


If you register today, your investment will only be $24. With your registration, you’ll receive:

  • One hour live webinar training on our private platform

  • Video recording to review after the training

  • Slideshow file to review after the training

  • Special offers during the training, for those who participate during the live broadcast

The Planning Awesome Events webinar training will only be offered during the next two weeks. It’s possible we’ll bring it back in the future, but there are no plans for that right now. So, if you think the Awesome Events Checklist system could benefit you and your organization, save your spot today!