The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Can you believe that I never read The Great Gatsby in school? I thought everyone read this in school! Although I never read it, I live with a 9th grader who was required to read it first semester this year. He enjoyed it - and double-enjoyed being a "witness coach" for the mock trial they did following - so, I asked him if I could borrow it when he was finished. 

I actually still have about two dozen pages to go to wrap this one up, but overall it's been a fun, easy, relaxing read. We've had a couple days of warm temps, where I've been found on the porch, reading a few pages in the sunlight!

Maybe the best part? I know there's a movie too, so THAT'S going on the to-watch list for this weekend!

Anyone else watching or reading The Great Gatsby this week? Or does it bring back fond memories of 9th grade? Please, do share! (Especially if there are 9th grade pictures involved!)


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