Project Management

‘This could be a game-changer.’ Most organizations have that one project that if they could just go for it, their world would change. Maybe you know what yours is. Maybe you know you need something, but can’t quite put your finger on it. Even if you’re ready to go all in, you may not have enough staff, or even the right staff, to make it what you want. That’s where Stacie comes in.

Stacie’s experience with staff supervision, committees, event planning, training development, grant writing, and getting the job done, makes her the ideal person to make your vision a reality.

A majority of her projects follow 4 phases.

  1. Sharing your vision. Stacie will translate your vision into a scope of work, or even help you find what the missing piece could be. From there, more questions will start. What is the goal of this project? How do we measure that goal? What else needs to be inline for this to work? Stacie does a deep dive before starting any projects to be sure that you’re getting what you want and what you need. During this section, Stacie offers you her plan and what your team will need to accomplish for a smooth integration. You’ll know exactly what to expect when working with her and how to capitalize on it when the moment comes.

  2. Nose to the grindstone. After setting the plan and deadlines, Stacie will get started. You can expect check-ins regarding her progress on a regular basis, so you’ll never be wondering what the status of your project is. She may even be checking-in with your teams to make sure any congruent work is on track. Her focused attitude and staff management experience certainly comes in handy here.

  3. Delivery. What an exciting time! Whether it was launching a fundraising campaign, hosting a fundraising event, presenting strategy to your board, or rolling out a new initiative, it is time to shine. Stacie will deliver the project of your dreams.

  4. Re-cap. You can’t keep Stacie away from those numbers. She provides you with a executive summary covering metrics and results based on the original scope of work. These reports often include engagement numbers, budget reports, staff evaluations, and survey results. Her reports are packed with full summaries and recommended next steps when applicable.

Not sure what your game-changer is? Contact Stacie to discuss the state and needs of your organization.

Other organizations have utilized Stacie’s project management skills for:

  • Large Events

  • Youth Program Strategy and Curriculum Development

  • Staff Training Programs

  • Grant Writing

  • Property Strategy Development

  • Marketing/Communications

  • Leadership During Department Transition

  • Camp Consulting

  • Volunteer Training Curriculum Development

Training and Meeting Facilitation

Stacie is most comfortable in front of a group, bringing complex concepts to life in an easy-to-understand, interactive format. She has trained non-profit staff and volunteers, camp staff, Boards of Directors, and more. Stacie is also a skilled meeting facilitator, from structuring your agenda to guiding discussions toward your desired outcomes for the session, with interactive discussion exercises.

Contact Stacie at to get started scheduling your training.

Stacie’s Favorite Ways to Facilitate

In Person Training.png

In-Person Training

Stacie is a very energized presenter who really knows how to engage the room. Her in-person stly is always interactive, leaving participants informed and motivated.

Some of her more requested in-person trainings include New Journey and Badge training for Girl Scout council staff,

You can check out Meet Up to see where Stacie is presenting next to check her out.

$1200/day for up to 20 participants + travel expenses, $45/participant/day for additional participants >20

Virtual Trainings (1).png

Virtual Training

Thank goodness for technology. We can save you the trouble of trying to get everyone in one place and go with a virtual option instead. Our classic live webinar trainings are popular with volunteer organizations that are spread out. Recently, Stacie has lead live webinars on member portals like Girl Scout’s Volunteer Toolkit, volunteer role training, program delivery trainings, event planning, and volunteer management.

See her upcoming virtual trainings on the Calendar to get a feel for what she can offer.

$120/training hour - Live webinar - Each training is broken into 1-hour modules - unlimited number of participants

Pricing varies for pre-recorded webinars and animated trainings. Inquire for details.

Custom Training.png

Custom Training

Stacie’s knack for trainings means she is ready to address your priorities. She may already have one that fits your needs, with a few tweaks of course. If you have a staff or volunteer meeting or training in mind that you would like to discuss, please contact us.

Content development for new trainings is $80/hr in addition to presentation rates.

Staff Coaching & Coverage

You've got a new staff member, but no time to train her or not sure where to start. Your graphic designer just put in her two week's notice. Amy is going on maternity leave and there's really no one to cover her workload. Your department just needs an extra hand in the busy season.

After working full-time in 5 different Girl Scout councils, consulting in more, and holding about every staff or volunteer position there is to hold, one of Stacie's superpowers is jumping right in and getting work done, without disrupting service to volunteers and girls. 

Contact Stacie at to start chatting about your staff needs.


Coaching and coverage available for:

  • Program/Girl Experience

  • Camp Management

  • Communications, Brand, and Graphic Design

  • Grants Management and Proposal Writing

  • Troop Support/Customer Care

  • Volunteer Support and Training

  • Strategy Development

  • Training Development

  • Program Development

Estimated Pricing for Coaching & Coverage:

negotiated hourly rate

Life-Changing Skincare

Stacie knows that busy lives get in the way of treating ourselves with care. But what help are we to others if we are running on empty. We all deserve a little time each day to tend to ourselves, to check in on our needs and feeling, and to see ourselves in the mirror and know we are worthy of nice things.

Whether you are looking to add a little personal attention to your destress routine (let’s be honest, start a destress routine in the first place) or are looking for support and skill building with other entrepreneurs, Stacie would love to hear from you.

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