Trainings and Meeting Facilitation

Stacie is most comfortable in front of a group, bringing complex concepts to life in an easy-to-understand, interactive format. She has trained Girl Scout staff and volunteers, camp staff, Boards of Directors, and more. Stacie is also a skilled meeting facilitator, from structuring your agenda to guiding discussions toward your desired outcomes for the session, with interactive discussion exercises.

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New Journeys and Badges

(Girl Scouts) Girl Scouts of the USA has released new STEM Journeys, a new Outdoor Journey, new Girls' Choice Troop Camping badges, robotics badges, mechanical engineering badges, and new badges for Daisies. It's SO. EXCITING. But it's also a lot to take in. Take the time to digest it all, run through responses to frequently asked questions, try out some of the activities, and be ready to answer questions from troop leaders/parents.

Perfect for: program/girl experience staff, troop support staff, customer care staff, leadership staff, service unit teams, volunteer event coordinators, troop leaders 

Half-day or full-day sessions available.

Volunteer Management

This comprehensive 2-day training covers every stage of the volunteer management process from create positions to orientation and training to supervision to evaluation and re-engagement. Get the tools to get volunteer opportunities started, or use this as an opportunity to evaluate your current system.

Perfect for volunteer managers, program managers, leadership teams, board of directors

2-day training.

Three Processes

(Girl Scouts) Explore the concepts of girl-led, learning by doing, and cooperative learning. Experience what each process feels like as a participant, plus practice leading activities with each of the three. Understand how they work together for girls' benefit.

Perfect for: program/girl experience staff, troop support staff, service unit teams, volunteer event coordinators, troop leaders, board of directors

Half-day training, or combined with GSLE for full-day experience.

Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE)

(Girl Scouts) Includes an overview of new outcomes, three processes, three leadership keys, basic structure of Journeys, badges, and volunteer toolkit.

Perfect for: new staff, service unit teams, volunteer event coordinators, board of directors, troop leaders

Half-day training, or combined with Three Processes for full-day experience.

Hustle: Working Smarter and Accomplishing More

Wish you could squeeze more hours in the day? Make the most of every minute - whether you’re in the office or on-the-go. Get the resources to get organized.

Perfect for: any team with a full workload

1-2 hour session.

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Standard Pricing


$1200/day for up to 20 participants + travel expenses, $45/participant/day for additional participants >20


$120/training hour - Live webinar - Each training is broken into 1-hour modules - unlimited number of participants

Pricing varies for pre-recorded webinars. Inquire for details.

Custom Trainings

$80/hour for content development + presentation rates listed above