24 Hours with my Apple Watch

Over the last 24 hours, I've gotten personal with Apple's "most personal device yet." Over the last 9 months, I've read countless articles, blogs, and rumor sites getting to know my new best friend and awaiting its arrival. Now that it's here, there are a few things I realize...I didn't know. Shhhh, come closer. I'll tell you all the secrets.

I had a dream on our first night together that my brand new Apple Watch was faulty (so...a nightmare!). The time on the watch face was 20 minutes different than any other clock in my life - including my iPhone! I called the number and explained the problem. Their reply: "Apple Watch is the most precise timekeeping device of the century. It's correct. Your other clocks are incorrect." Hmmm.

You can imagine my relief upon comparing all my clocks this morning and finding them all to show precisely the same time.

All the disappointment of the shopping/buying experience aside [see almost any tech or consumer blog on the internet for more on that], actually receiving the Apple Watch was super fun and fulfilling! My original ship date wasn't until June, so you should've seen the look on my face on Sunday, when I received an email saying it would arrive in TWO DAYS! The countdown began.

Are you thinking about getting an Apple Watch, or waiting patiently for yours to arrive? Here's what I've learned in our first 24 hours together, that I didn't know from reading blogs and articles:

1. Forget typing. I don't know why I didn't realize this before, but there's really no way to type. I've become so reliant on typing as a primary means of communication (email, text, and social media) that I felt a little lost at first: Wait. How do I communicate if I can't type? ...Oh yeah... talking....

[5 seconds later]

Or just pick up the iPhone, which is sitting right next to me and type on it.  On the Apple Watch though, you can selected from pre-loaded reply options, or you can use dictation to reply to texts, but no typing. 

2. Talking to your mom is SO. COOL. when you're talking into your wrist. I had a quick phone chat with my parents at the end of the night, and I cannot describe how cool and Inspector Gadget-esque it is to talk to your mom on your wrist. Especially when you know she's on a landline on the other end. She said she could hear me just as clearly as if I were holding the phone.

Only issue: I tried changing into my pajamas and accidentally ended the call when my tshirt sleeve brushed against the screen just right. Oops.

3. "Stand" doesn't mean what you think it does. And neither does "exercise." There are three rings that track your movement and physical activity. The way that Apple Watch translated my actual movement from the day was surprising and even a little frustrating.

  • The Move ring tracks your movement, how many steps you take, the distance you walk, etc. I was accustomed to this from previously wearing a FitBit. It worked the way I expected it to.
  • The Stand ring tracks how much you're in a standing position vs. a sitting position. Your goal is to stand for at least 1 minute out of every hour. It gives you a friendly reminder at 10 minutes to the hour if you haven't accomplished your goal yet. The Stand ring should really be called the "take-a-lap-around-the-block" ring. After I realized that just standing (waiting for the microwave to finish boiling water for my coffee) wasn't going to count toward my standing credit, I started trying other kinds of upright movement every hour. I basically had to jog around my living room, thrash about, or walk outside to the front of the house and back for it to count. 
  • The Exercise ring is meant to track your more strenuous activity, but includes anything equivalent to a brisk walk. I, however, received 3 minutes of credit in the Exercise ring for folding my laundry. Score!

4. Battery life is ok. I was a little worried about this, since it seems like one of my phones is always plugged in because the low battery indicator is popping up at me. And all indications from Apple were that it would be a day's-worth of battery life. I've been pretty active with it all day, and I'm at 29% remaining. We'll see how that might change over its lifetime.

5. It's strange to get notifications that you can't act on. Because the Apple Watch is linked to my iPhone, I receive notifications and taps when someone posts to my Facebook or LinkedIn, and I can see the notification and/or dismiss it. But since there's no Facebook or LinkedIn app (yet, anyway?) I can't do anything with the notification, which just seems...strange.

6. You can tweet! It took me the full 24 hours to figure this one out. I opened the twitter app (since Facebook is M.I.A.) last night and it appeared that you could view recent tweets, retweet, and favorite, plus view trending, but you couldn't actually compose a new tweet. Ah ha! But you can! I totally forgot about force touch. You can access additional menu options by physically pushing down on the screen - that's a motion that will take some getting used to. But, there it was. The option to compose a new tweet. I'm not sure how you add a #hashtag through dictation. I'll explore that tomorrow.

Any other Apple Watch owners out there? What surprised you in your first 24 hours?